10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Hair

10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Hair

10 Easy ways to get Healthy Hair: Shiny, healthy hair can be reality. Learn how to shine with these 10 simple tips.

1. Use hair serum.
Shine serums are available that have been specially formulated to give curly or unruly hair a silky shine. Find some better options at your neighboring recognized medical store, beauty and hair salon. These products humidify your hair with a light application of oils or silicone, says Shorter. To apply, “use a pea-sized amount to start,” she advises. “Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up, rubbing it into wet hair with your hands.” It is important not to use too much serum, because it can damage your hair , but if you feel you need more moisture, go ahead and add a bit more.

2. Use conditioner once a week.
Regularly use conditioner is great, but if you really want to pump up the shine, In short recommend use the conditioner once a week, to your routine. These come in both spray-on and lotion forms. Apply them the same way you do shine serum (see tip No. 1).
3. Wash with cool water.
Beware of hot water! It can dry out your hair and leave it deadly damage. Instead, after shampooing and conditioning, wash with cool water. That allows light to reflect off the hair, producing lots of shine.

4. Beware about using hair dryer.
As you are blow dryer in your hair, direct the dryer’s nozzle down the hair shafts as you hold each section of hair with a round brush. Finish by pressing the “cool” button on your hair dryer — the cool air produces a reflective effect similar to that of a cool-water rinse after shampooing.

5. Use the Spray shiner.
When your hair is dry, finish your look with a spray-on shine product. In short recommends spray mists made by recognized and well known company. Whether it comes in a pump bottle or aerosol can, a shine spray can be misted on to dry hair — no matter what texture it is — to give it an extra shiny effect.

6. Use a silicone flatiron.
A flatiron can help straighten hair, which usually looks shiner than wavy hair. But avoid overusing a flatiron — all that heat-styling can be damage your hair, a new type of flatiron made by Bio Ionic, with silicone built into the plates rather than the typical ceramic or metal. “The heated silicone glides right over the hair and straightens it in one pass,”  silicone cuts the straightening time in half, which means less damage.”

7. Get a glossing treatment.
If you really want to get your shine on, consider having a professional glossing treatment. These are often performed after a hair-coloring treatment, but you can get one without the dye job. “It’s designed to give you richer hair color with more depth, but it doesn’t actually have any stain to it,” A glossing is usually temporary, lasting about four to six shampoos, and glossing kits are available at neighboring recognized medical store, so you can even try it out without visiting the salon.

8. Hydrate your body.
Drinking lot of water will ensure that your hair is properly moisturized from the inside out. About eight glasses a day is ideal. Keep a bottle by your side and sip from it often. In winter this habit never changed.

9. Eat healthy foods.
Your daily recommended allowances of vitamins A and E are for shiny, healthy hair. Also, be sure you are eating plenty of protein, which helpful in hair growth. “Eggs and nuts are excellent sources of protein,”

10. Avoid harsh chemicals.
Shiny hair is healthy hair — so do not neglect it! Limit your hair’s exposure to harsh chemicals, like the chlorine in pools, and lye-based hair-relaxing creams, and avoid products that contain alcohol, which can dry out your hair and strip its shine. Use heat-styling as infrequently as you can get away with.


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