23 Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

How to lose weight without exerciseI always suggest to get a negative answer of your weight loss ratio, if you are eating 10 calories and you are burning 99 calories then the answer world be +1 and that is what we don’t want, but if you eat 100 calories and burning 101 then the answer world be _1, it is a small, but still an acceptable answer, but if you want to cut the other half completely, then you have to work on other end even harder, if you cannot do anything to burn all the calories you eat, then you need to tighten the amount you eat, if you cannot exercise then you have to eat lesser calories and do something that make your body to burn your calories without exercise  and that is what I have for all of you guys.4 Ways to Get Rid of Back Fat

Here are some simple tips to lose weight without doing hardcore exercise, if you thinking that I started the blog by saying that we are going to lose weight without any exercise, but you cannot lose weight without any kind of exercise, if you don’t have time then you can use some alternatives like skipping, running and walking, but with that here are some simple tips that would help you get in shade.Diet Or Exercise – Which One Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

1-Start your day with worm water with lime and honey.

2-Eat one teaspoon black cumin seeds with worm water after every meal.

3-Drink worm water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 5 times a day.

4-Take good night sleep.

5-Eat healthy and good fats, but in moderation.

6-Go on 6 meals a day diet.

7-Stay on your feet as much as possible.

8-Drink water.

9-Eat uncooked food three days a week.

10-Eat in very small plates with very small spoon and folk and use blue light in your refrigerator and sue black plates.

11-Keep an eye on the portion of your food, you can eat a meal that can get fit in your palm, in your open palm and if it doesn’t, then you cannot eat it.

12-Reduce your salt intake, sodium is bad for your body and it would help your body to retain water…
13-Take healthy food and vitamin supplements.

14-Never ever drink calories, if someone push you to do that, then avoid that one, friend love and support and if someone is sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, then avoid that one.

15-Take minerals and omega 3 healthy fatty acids.

16-Eat seas foods, including meat and plants 5 times a week.

17-Add sea weeds to fulfill the iodine in your body, you do need it to get healthy skin and body.

18-Eat whole grains and all the healthy source of fiber and proteins.

19-Avid all of white things, sugar, processed flour and all kind of things that make things a product instead a food.

20- Say No to all kind of junk food.

21-Buy food from the food corner, if it is in a fancy box and in a product selves with the expiry date on it then it is product and you should not eat it, eat food.

22-Cook for yourself and your family, don’t serve them products or junk.

23-Go out with your family, spend time with them, go to sleep well and get up with fresh mind and healthy body.

Last but not the least, smile a lot, and stay positive things will come to you automatically.Ways of Losing Weight Without Exercise

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