Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013

Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013Oh my! What alluring designs of the summer collection of AlKaram? Do you wanna look dashing and debonair like Nadia Husain? The most charming and eye catching designs of Al Karam have been launched and due to the good fortune and will of Allah Al Karam is getting an outstanding response .The Al Karam designer’s society are scandalized and grateful to all the good husbands for obeying their wives and gifting them the first rated, economical and outstanding new Al Karam arrivals.

AlKaram being one of the leading textile mills has launched such stupendous designs that the first sent stock to the market finished in 2 hours onlyyyyy! Wow! Come on what are you waiting for? Just call your driver, pick your credit card and go to the nearest Al Karam outlet, shop as much as you want and see a new NadiaHussain in in the mirror.Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013 -01

Al Karam has launched unique and antique embroidery dresses, with extra laces to enhance the beauty of your dress, unattached sleeves, embroidered shirts with back and front embroidery, with beautiful dupattas in different materials with good quality. Just go to the shop and your Blood Pressure, Sugar level, Cholesterol and Uric acid will all fall with an extensive speed, your heart will sink and moreover you will be fighting on the counter with a crowd of ladies trying to seize the dresses but if you fail to get the dresses don’t get discouraged call the AlKaram head office and register the dress on the phone and soon the dress will be with your stream stress.Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013-00

The Al Karam designs are available in various colour ranges, the colors are so attractive and cool that when you’re hot minded husband or father will look at you he will look as cool minded as a soft mint in your oral cavity. The colors are so fresh that you’ll feel fresh and cool in this load shedding season without an air conditioner. Long shirt and choridaar pyjama and stylish jewellery are enough to impress and make a livid husband ecstatic.Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013-1

Hay! When we talk about Umer Syed words automatically slip in the mouth to appreciate him, He has worked very hard this summer for the beautiful ladies. The embroidered dresses have greatly touched the ladies’ hearts and the ladies are just running after the umar syed dresses .There are 24 suits by umar syed this year available in a wide range of colors.Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013-2

If you are a fan of lawn and want to live cool this summer by Umar Syed dresses, buy dresses for eid or you’ll get late. Umar Syed is also gifting an Al Karam magazine to the people who are buying a lot of dresses. I also personally bought many dresses of Al Karam and Umar Syed this year and the suits are very comfortable in wearing, they are economical and are available in ample amount in the market. So don’t get late and hurry up and be the first person to snatch one of the last Al Karam pieces.Al-Karam Lawn Spring Collection 2013-3

‘Driver ithe aa! Bank chal atm Jana hai.gol chakar te Al Karam wich Jana hai.’ji baji is shart te k ik suit meri begum da bhi. All the people want to buy Al Karam dresses. These dresses are famous in all types of people. So be hurry and get your favorite dress from Al Karam.

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