Anti Aging Homemade Face Pack

How To Make Yoghurt Facial MasksOur skin start working on itself from the day we born and it repair and refresh the cells all the time, but till 25, after that it slowdown slowly and that is the time when we start seeing fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches and otherĀ  sighs of again and if you can mange that then you can actually get the healthy and beautiful skin throughout the life, you need to start cleaning your skin, scrubbing to remove the old and dead cells, applying moisturizer and serums to make it smooth and refreshed and protect it from sun and other harmful impact of weather and environment, today I am going to share a supper face pack that you can use on your face and will get the results 100% and you can use it every day or three times a week it is up to you and your skin kind and the way of your age reacting.Best Natural Home Made Facial

To make this simple and easy, effective though mask you just need, 2 table spoon fresh curd, 1 table spoon honey and 1/2 banana, first of all you will mix honey with curd and mix with smooth hands, an folk then add mashed banana it in the curd and start mixing it with the spoon or a fork and then keep mixing it till it become a smooth smooth paste.Homemade Summer Packs to Cool

Now you can apply it right now, but as I always say that if you want to get the best result, you should clean your face first and remove the dead cells too, and for that you should scrub your face with any scrubber you want and then wash it off with running water and then apply the pack on your face and lie down on your back for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water and you will fell some smoothness and some tightness in your skin immediately.Anti Aging Homemade Face Pack

With that I would recommend a very healthy skin tonic to use and you can make it at home with your own two hands and for that you need hand full of Neem leaves, 10 Guava leaves, handful of Tulsi leaves, now you need to put all of these leaves in bowl with 500 ml of water, and then you need to grind and mix them, you can sue mortar and pestle for that or you can use mixer and then Keep this mixture overnight, and then strain and squeeze it hardly using hands in the morning and keep it in a plastic bottle and use it to wash your faceĀ  and you will get healthy and smooth skin within a week, but you cannot use this mixture more than three days, after that you need to make the new one.

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