Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For Everyone

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For EveryoneI am going to shares some very simple tips that you can try without any fear and without any side effects, they all are natural and they all are very effective, how do I know? Well! There are few reason that I am sure they will work, first, the writer is Asian woman and she shaded secrets of her rich heritage, second she used natural things an naturals things always make sense to me, third and the most authentic reason that I can give you is, I used these for two weeks and I am pretty happy with the results.Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For Everyone1

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

This year, eat more vegetablesEat More Antioxidants: – The most important thing that I would love to tell you is start with your food, drink lots of water, juices and lots of smoothies; you should drink lots of liquid, but when I say liquid I mean healthy drinks, not sodas and alcohol and eat natural resources of antioxidants, you need to add lots of berries in your food, all berries are good for you, blueberries, tomatoes, green tea, dark leafy greens, raw nuts, acai berry, raspberries, grapes and sprouts are best source of antioxidants and they are very good for your looks too, you should eat minerals and vitamins, eat healthy vegetable and fruits, try to avoid meat, its good but not too much.

moisturizer - All About BeautyMoisturize: – If you want to keep your skin beautiful and healthy and younger looking then you need to maintain the moisturizer level in your body and in your skin, keep it clean and keep it supple, and for that you can use ready to use things or you can use home remedies too, you can use essential oils for that, olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil is great for your skin, specially coconut oil, you not only very good to keep your skin moisturizer and healthy, it is very good to treat skin scars too, or you can use yogurt for that, apply yogurt all over your face including your eye lids, don’t let it go inside your eyes though and lie down for a while till it get dry and then scrub it off, and wash it with running water and you will love the look.

Make Your Own Natural Facial Mask By YourselfMasks: – Use fenugreek leaf to make a smooth paste with one tablespoon worm butter milk and apply on your face three times a week and let it get dry and then wash it with worm water.

Make a smooth paste with coconut flash and fenugreek oil and massage all over your face and let it sit on your face and then use muslin cloth and worm water to wash your face.

Make a smooth mixture with sandal wood powder, clay and egg whites and mix it with milk and then apply it all over your face and then lie down on your back for 10-20 minutes or till it get dry completely dry and then wash it will running water.

Use plain whole egg all over your face and let it get dry, just remember one thing, when you use egg on your face don’t walk, cause gravity will pull your mask down and that will generate wrinkles, lie down on your back and wash with worm water.

Best of luck.

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