Ayurvedic Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin -I personally a very big fan of Ayurveda and I believe that they know our body and they know how to deal with the issues and the best thing about the Ayurvedic treatments is, they use natural things and they sue herbs which is the safest thing to use as long you know the herbs and the impact of herbs and today we are going to give you some very interesting information to get glowing and beautiful skin.

Ayurvedic Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic Face Packs For BeautifulMarigold Face Pack For Glowing Skin:– I normally like to use flowers in my face pack specially I love rose in my face pack and I use Aloe Vera flowers too, but have you ever tried Marigold flowers in your face pack? It is one of the most powerful and magical flower for skin and you can get it from market anytime of the season, you can take fresh flowery and make a smooth paste with some raw milk and honey in it and then apply that all over your face for 20-30 minutes and then rub it off, and then wash your face with chilled water if you have oily skin and worm if you have super dry skin and you can use this three times a week to get glowing face and it help your skin to get tight and pore free appearance.

Anti-Aging Turmeric Anti-Aging PackTurmeric & Gram Flour Pack: I simply love using gram flour on my face and I personally thing that if you can use it and you don’t have any kind of skin related issues with that then you are simply lucky and when you add traumatic and lime in it and apply that over your face then you get something very magical result, and the best thing about that face pack is you can use it every day and if you are using that for 10 minutes then you can even use it twice a day and that would serve as a best skin cleaning possible, you just need to take 2 tablespoon gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it with butter milk and apply that past over your face and your neck and let it get dry completely and the scrub it off and wash your face with lukewarm water and it will not only keep your skin glowing and healthy, but it will make your fair and keep your skin tight naturally.

Sandalwood face maskSandalwood Mask: Indian and Ayurvedic experts have been using the sandalwood powder for face for ages and you can use it to get glowing and beautiful skin, you just need to take one tablespoon sandalwood and mix it with rose water and apply that over your face and neck till it get dry completely and then wash it off with lukewarm water, never ever rub it on your face, it can damage your skin.

At the end I am sharing a very effective Ayurvedic Scrub for you girls.You need to take one tablespoon of fine rice flour, sandalwood powder, conch shell powder, milk powder, and one tablespoon of gram flour, and mix it with worm water or milk and apply that all over your body and face and let it get dry for 5 minutes and then scrub to off with smooth hands and you will love the result.

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