Beauty Tips For Dark Lips

dark lipsDark Lips:
If your lips gotten darker, there can be factors in your lifestyle to blame, including excessive use of lip color, smoking, and sun exposure. But even if your lips have become extremely dark, there are some home treatments that may help lighten your lips. Here are some tips for dark lips.
 1st: Things to add
1: Oil of coconut
2: Oil of almond
Mix oil of coconut and oil of almond in same quantity and then apply this on the lips and leave for the whole night.
2nd: Things to add
1: ½ – Castor oil
2: ½ – Glycerin
3: ½ – Juice of lemon
Mix above things. Apply a coat of this on the lips and then leave it for the whole night.
3rd: Things to add
1:   ½ – tsp Juice of pomegranate
2:  ½– juice of beetroot
Mix above things , then apply it on your lips daily.
4th: Things to add
1:  Yogurt
2: Saffron
Mix these things. Take the mixture of  yogurt and saffron, then apply on to your lips.
5th: Things to add
1: leaves of coriander
Before going to sleep apply the of coriander leaves  paste on lips to lighten dark colored lips.
6th: Things to add
1: Milk and ghee
Every night  before sleeping  apply milk and ghee on your lips.
7th: Things to add
1:  Juice of beetroot
Apply juice of  beetroot on the lips whenever you are free.
8th: Things to add
1: Juice of  lemon
Massage lips with Juice of  lemon.
9th: Things to add
1: Pure honey
2: Glycerin
3: Juice of  lemon
Make a mixture of all above thing and apply on your lips. It will helpfull to make your lips pink and fresh.
10th: Things to add
1: Fresh yogurt
2: Pure honey
3: Gram flour
4:  Juice of lemon
Take these thing  and make a paste. Apply on lips and wait for 30 min. then wash.

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