Best Style for Long Hair

images (3)If  you have long hair and you have any problem to make it. You want to make in different style. There are many styles for long hair but all are not easy to manage properly.Best Style for Long Hair Best Style for Long Hair1 Best Style for Long Hair2

Here I will tell you that how to make your long hair style easily. Most  easy method  to make French Rope Braid for long hair.


Effective tips for making

First of all clean your hair properly, with any shampoo.

Make your hair straight and hurdles free with the help of comb and brush.

Use oil or hair spray for the purpose of hair smoothness.

Now make three section of your long and beautiful hair (right, middle and left).images (5)

Now cross the left side hair on the middle side section.

Do same step or procedure from right side to middle side section. Make cross check and ensure that hair is tight and don’t loose the hair.

Ensure that all hair is proper shape.

You can make all step by step until at the end of the hair length.