Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Fried Rice is a superb strategy to use leftovers. Don’t need to go outside to eat tasty Chinese food. Try this easy Chicken Fried Rice recipe at your home.








Chicken pieces (Boiled and shredded) 1cup
Rice (Boiled) 3cup
Egg (Beaten) 1
Chicken Stock ½cup
Capsicum 1
Cabbage 1
Carrots 2
Spring Onions 1cup
Worcestershire Sauce ½Table spoon
Soya Sauce 2Table spoon
White Vinegar 1Table spoon
Chinese Salt ½Table spoon
Black paper powder ½Table spoon
Salt 1Table spoon
Oil ½cup


• Heat oil in a pot, fry the white part of spring onions till light golden brown.
• Add Carrots, Chicken, Chinese salt, Black paper and Salt, mix thoroughly.
• Add Rice, Soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Egg.
• Add Cabbage, Spring onions, Capsicum in it and mix well, leave on dum (5 to 7 min.).
• Garnish rice with spring onion and serve.

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