Conditioner For Dry & Damaged Hair

Conditioner For Dry & Damaged HairWe all know that dry an damaged scalp just show one thing and that is your scalp is getting dehydrated and it need help some intensive help and for that you not only need to start eating healthy and balanced diet and you need to add some nutritional minerals and vitamins in your diet and you need to increase your water intake.

At the same time you need to start some external treatments too, and here are some simple homemade conditioner that you can use to treat your unhealthy scalp an dead and dry damaged hair at home, since we are going to use natural and harmless things, so anyone of you can use it without any risk, unless you are allergic to any of these things.

We are sharing two very simple and very easy to make Homemade Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair Avocado and banana conditioner is one of my all time favorite conditioners or hair treatments because these two things are best to get beautiful and healthy hair and that are two best things that you can apply on your scalp to treat your scalp and restore the moisturizer in your skin again, and to make this mask you just need Banana, Avocado, Eggs, Honey, and Extra virgin olive oil, you can use any oil you like for your hair and now we will make a mask for our hair.

You need to take avocado and then mash it after peeling and cutting and remove the seed and make a fine paste and then put it aside now you need to take a banana, and make a smooth paste of it, it would be best if you use blender cause the fiber of banana is pretty hard to wash from hair, and now mix it with avocado paste and then add olive oil and blend it well and at the end add egg and rub your blender for a minutes and now it is ready to apply.

You need to apply it washed and dry hair and apply all over your scalp and then massage with smooth hands, it would be a bit runny and then apply the reaming mixture all over your hair and then cover it with swimming cap for 20-45 minutes and then wash it off with running water and baby shampoo and you can use it three times a week to get beautiful healthy nourished hair and hydrated scalp.

The next conditioner that you can try is Vinegar egg conditioner and for that you just need two large Eggs, Olive oil, Honey, Vinegar, and freshly squeezed Lemon juice now you need to mix all of these things and make a smooth paste, it would be a bit runny so you need to be make sure you use rug area and apply it all over your scalp and your hair and then cover it with shower cap for 20 minutes and stay inside and then wash it off with runny water and mild shampoo and see the result yourself:)
Best of luck.

Khalida Sherry

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