Contouring Guideline For Beginners

Contouring Guideline For BeginnersIt is not very difficult to looking like a million bucks, but it is not very simple too, it is also very tricky to pull off and to get the right kind of look you need to keep trying and the best way to see if you are getting the look of not is a picture, pay all your attention on your contouring and then click couple of selfies and see what you see as a 3rd person, try to see if you look good or not. Let’s try to get some helping lines to get in the world of contouring.

Know Your Face : – Before getting into contouring, the first thing that you need to do is know your face, you need to understand your face and your flows, you need to see what is that you need to hide and what is you need to highlight and for that you need to observe your T-zone, around your eyebrows, chin and eyes, these are the assets of your face and you need to enhance them and you need hide the less fascinating features too, like your double chine.

Highlight Your Best Features: – The most simple and the easy way to take the attention away from flaws is bring out your strong features, I would say, your cheek bone, your nose, forehead and your chin can be a good part of your face and your eyes, no matter what, you have to pay attention on all of these parts and enhance them, never try t depress them and no matter what, never ever quit on your looks.

Know Flaws: – Understanding your face is essential to contouring, you actually have to know what part of your face or your body is not very good, you need to understand that if your double chin needs more shade or your perfect cheek bone need to get highlights, your jaw line has to get some definitions, but don’t be too harsh on that, you can use shade around the broad noses and that can actually slimmed down and wide foreheads can be covered too, so just know your face first and make lots of practice to get perfect results.

Cream Finish: – If you are a new comer in this world of shades and brushes and you are not very good with blending then you should pick creamy finish shads, it is have very easy to get a natural looks with that and it is very simple to blend it too cause pores absorb the shade perfectly and give you the better results.

Shades: – The shade you are using to get the perfect contorting should be at least two shades darker than your normal foundation, and that is the only way to get significant change in your features and get the real motive too and Contouring is incomplete without highlighting and the trick is pick two shades lighter than your foundation to get the better results.

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