Cracked Heels Care Tips

Cracked Heels Care TipsMost of the people are worried with their ugly and hate able heels. It is very shame able moments when someone else sees your cracked heels. Hate those ugly, cracked plates peeping out of your new, beautiful shoes? Oh, me too! All of us try to cover them but it seems so very impossible to either hide them or get rid of them. So don, t you worry here are some very useful tips for cracked heels which make your heels soft and very beautiful and you can wear any kind of footwear with confidence.



It’s an outstanding home tip for cracked heels. One always favors it for better and sooner results. There’s nothing difficult to do with it. Just only apply it to your heels before going to bed and massage for 2-3 minutes approximately.


It’s another very useful option. You can use any good company’s lotion. Creams with Aloe Vera are preferable as it helps in the heeling of heels. Apply 2_3 times per day and massage for a while.


Pedicure is a great way for the heeling for the cracked heels. It helps to make your feet relax and washes away your dead cells let the living ones to breathe freely. Doing pedicure isn’t difficult at all. If not available, you can even do it at your place. All you need to do is to get a bucket with warm water and a little oil in it. Dip your feet in it and apply soap. Slowly wash your feet with cold water afterwards. Dry and then apply lotion or glycerin.


That’s what our mums keep on saying us all the time, so no need for much clarification. Wear shoes with soft soles so that your feet don’t get tired and your weight equally distributes in your feet. In this case your heels will not get too much pressure and as in result, your heels won’t crack.


This part is for the ones who are fat or entering the world of fatness. Our feet aren’t made for carrying such huge loads so guys go on a diet please or else you’ll end up as a monster with ugly heels. So now stop thinking guys and pick up one tip and try them now. They’ll for sure work, guaranteed!

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