Emerald Makeup Tutorial

Emerald Makeup TutorialWe are going to try a very bold eye look so I am keeping my lips and my cheeks very natural, but the most important thing that I wanted to share with you gals is, I dyed my eye brows for very first time and it was so much fun, I have super light skin tone and very light hair, but my eye brows was pure black and I never liked it.

So I just took a facial bleach creams and cud down the color of my eye brows and then I applied light brown which look so perfect for my skin tone and I am pretty happy regarding that;) and you can see it look perfect with the look too, she we start?

We are applying gorgeous, pretty emerald shade and pink goes absolutely perfect with that so I am keeping my lips and my cheeks pink, first of all we will apply the moisturizer and foundation or concealer all over the face blend well the way we do and then finish the look with lose transparent powder.

Now we will take some eye primer and apply it all over the lid and then apply some eye shadow base over the lid, now we will take a bright Emerald shade with slightly velvet finish and apply it over the movable lid and blend it well.

Now we will take a darker mat green shade and will define the crease and then we will take very light green shiny shade, you can use plain mat shade too just mix it with transparent highlighter on the back of your hand and apply it over the inner 1/3 of the eye and then take the thinner brush and apply a smooth liner all the way from inner corner to outer corner of your eye, now blow the excessive product from the brush and blend it over the bone and slightly under the eye brow too, now take some transparent golden highlighter and apply under your brows and over your inner corner.

Now you need to take black gel liner and apply over the upper lash line, don’t be dramatic, just define the lash line and let it swing in a very small wing, now you need to take green shiny gel liker and apply a thin line over the water lie, finish the look with black mascara.

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