Enhance Your Beauty With Naturals Way

Enhance Your Beauty With Naturals Way” First impression is the last impression’ we listen this quote from someone round about daily. So, i think that take care of your beauty is necessary for each and everyone. Beauty is the gift from Allah, now is up to us how to take care of it. There are lots of beauty products available in markets and i personally worried to see that people make big stores of cosmetic and costumiers are purchasing expensive cosmetic, however cosmetic and medicine for beauty must have side effects. Actually i am not blaming any one or any product, i am just worried about the people who spend their money on beauty products, if people spend their money on vegetables and seasonal fruits then they see the natural and positive facts.

How Vegetables And Fruits Enhance Your Beauty

1: Peal of potato outer skin cut it in thick round pieces and keep these pieces on your eye-lid, it is very helpful to prevent dark circle around your eyes. Another way is to mash the potatoes and make a bag of it while punting this mashed potato into a little piece of cotton cloth and put this bag on eye-lid for ten or fifteen mints to to remove dark circle.

2: Usage of almond oil make your lips pink, on other hand take fresh cream of milk and apply on your lips daily at night before going to bed, make your lips shinny ad glossy as well as apply this cream on face to protect it from winter dryness and roughness.

3: Juice of carrot make your eyes shinny and prevent weakness of eye-sight, put antimony (Surma) into your eyes at night make your eyes clean and beautiful.

4: Rub cloves of garlic on your nails of hands and feet, make then strong, long and shinny.

5: In winter season yo protect your hands, feet, arms, legs and face from dryness apply fresh cream before go to bed twice a week as well as massage of olive oil on other parts of body.

6: Drink as much water as you can, because it provide moisture to the whole body along with it keeps the stomach to right and balance order.

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