Essentials To Get The Perfect Look

Essentials To Get The Perfect LookI always had a passion for beautiful looks and I always wanted to look perfect, but naturally, but then I came to know that you can look perfectly natural with cosmetic too and that was a pretty funny and easy too, I do look after my natural skin and look too.
But I guess there is no harm in getting some extra help to look a lot extra ordinary;) so here is a very simple list of things that you need to get beautiful look, this is entirely based on my own requirements, but you can make your own list of essentials according to your skin tone and your features and for that you just need to see which thing make you feel good and which thing make you beautiful.
1- Moisturizer: – No matter how moisturized skin have or how oily your skin look or feel, you have to start your makeup with applying moisturizer on your cleaned and washed face, and if you have dry skin then you can start applying serum on your wet face and then apply some moisturizer and then give your skin some time to absorbed the goodness of your moisturizer and serum and then take your foundation or concealer on your hands and rub it between your palms for good 30 seconds and then apply it all over your face and then rub it with your fingers.
2. Less is enough: – No one likes the skin that one born with, we all admire something else, some other skin tone and some other skin kind, but you have to understand that you need to look human, and skin is more important than makeup, if you have beautiful skin and you don’t need to use foundation or concealer then skip that part, you don’t always have to apply foundation or concealer, plain moisturizer and serum can be enough and if you want a shiny glowing skin then add some transparent lumiere powder in your face powder and you l get the look you were looking for, and to get the natural beautiful skin you need to pay all of your attention on skin care.
3- Stick With Your Own Skin Tone: – I love baby pink soft smooth chins skin tone, but I was born with snow fair skin tone, so I add slightly brown shade with my foundation or concealer, I pick one of two shade darker than my skin tone, but don’t use super brown or artificial shade, so next thing that you need to do is, stick with your own skin tone, you can go a slightly darker or lighter, but not more than that, people around you actually know your skin tone, no matter how perfect you look with your new avatar, you will look artificial and weird to them.
4. Eye Creams: – When you celebrate your 20th birthday, you need to add few things you your shoulder bag including moisturizer, BB creams and eye cream, if you think that it is not right to think about aging creams in your 20s then you are wrong, as early you will start taking care of your skin, as longer you will be able to keep it smoother and youthful.
5- Mineral Bronzer: – Last but not least, use mineral bronzer in your day to day life instead of any other shade:)

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry