Exercises For Children

This is the time and this is the age of indoor games and fast foods available at your doorsteps with just one call and if that is the lifestyle of your kid then you need to think about it and you need to do something about it, cause this is not healthy.Exercises For Children

we know that it is fun to play indoor and at some extend it is convenient too, when we know that where he is and what is he up to and he is safer not only from harmful company and people, but from sun rays too, but is this healthy ? I don’t think so and you need to add some activities in his lifestyle and  you need to tell him that healthy food is food and you can eat fast food or take away once in a week, no more than that.

If you want to get rid of or want to prevent childhood obesity and diabetes the you need to look after you kid and need to come out of your convenience space and see what you actually need to do for your kid and here are some helping and playful exercises that he can add in his lifestyle for healthy living and I bet you are there for him for all the motivation he needs.Exercises For Children1

Bicycling:- I know that things are getting too serious around the world and nothing is safe and I know that we get screed when we let our kid out for cycling, but if you are not happy with his going out alone then you need to go with him, but he needs at least 30 minutes of a day for cycling and that will not only make him fit and healthy, but it is best thing that you can do for cardiovascular activity routine , so when he gets back from school take him to some park or somewhere else where you feel safe and let him burn some calories before lunch.

Yoga:- now I want some changing in your own lifestyle too, if you want your kid to get in the world of yoga then you need to get in there first and he will follow you eventually, this is the best gift that you can give to your kid in his lifetime, a routine with yoga which not only improves concentration, makes the body flexible and helps to reduce stress, but it will keep him healthy , positive, progressive and successful no matter what he is, I think that is what we want for our kid.

U just need to make him for a yoga instituted pass and that is what we are good at, making kids to ask what we want them to ask, right.

Swimming: – If you have a boy then this is good for his body, but if you have a girl then this is best thing for her lifetime, swimming have endless list of benefits and I bet she would love you for that, love your kids, but trained them how to fly in life, you are not going to fly for them throughout your life, if you love them let them get hurt when you are there for them to hold and learn things that they are going to need in their coming life, make them strong and healthy.

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