Fascinating Beautiful Eye Look

Fascinating Beautiful Eye LookWe are going to try a very cute colorful and beautiful eye look for those crazy days when you don’t have to follow the rules or trends, it is a look that will just give you a very cute colorful look and let you create what you want, you just have to be very calm and very clear what you are creating, so are you ready?

First of all we will take a light moist primer and apply it all over the lid and then let the skin absorb the moisture too and mean while we will groom the eye brown and Instead of picking a regular eye brow shade I am using a dark purple shade to get the routine look with a hint of beautiful shade, and fix the look with perfect shades.

First of all we need to draw a thick wing over the upper eye with black gel liner and then we will draw a small liner from the corner of lower lash line and will fill it with the upper wing and that will create a very thick wing at the end of outer corner.

You need to take pure bright orange shade and apply it with the wing over the upper lash line at the outer corner of the eye and blend it out word toward the end of your eye borrow  and now we will take lemon yellow shade and apply it next to orange and now blend the sharp edges of these two shades, without making them one shades, let it go toward the crease, but not over the crease.

Now take sea green and apply next to yellow and let it swing over the inner eye corner and we will create a cat eye with that and now take a thin blending brush and blend the outer edges of all of these shades and create a smooth crease with that, but don’t smudge inner coroner at all.

Now take magenta eye pencil and draw a thin line under lower lash line from the inner corner till the outer corner of the eye and we will draw a liner near inner corner too to create a cat eye and then we will take a sharp blue eye pencil and we will create a another line over the magenta liner that starts from the 1/3 of the eye and goes up till the end of orange line.

Now we will take a mate white highlighter with edgy brush and apply a bit over the inner corner between magenta and green lines and some between orange and blue line at outer corner, now finish the look with a thick coat of mascara, am using a plain black to compliment the shades of eye, liner and eye makeup, but you can use silver or light brown one too, give it a try and don’t feel it is difficult, it is easier than you think.

Khalida Sherry

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