Few Random Beauty Secrets From Asia

Few Random Beauty Secrets From AsiaAsian woman, no matter what part of Asia, are famous for beautiful flawless skin, bright almond shaped eyes, long dark shade of hair and perfect body, and do you think that they are blessed with that looks and they don’t really have to do anything to get that look?

Asian woman are famous for all the home remedies and tips that they use to get and maintain the look they are famous for, they come on the top of the list of woman who spend too much for their looks and they pay all the attention to get natural looks and today we are sharing some random tips for beautiful looks with you.

Moisturizing: WE are going to follow the ways of Asian woman and for that you literally have to slap the moisturizer into your skin, you just need to apply the product on your face and start patting it with your fingers till moisturizer get absorbed completely, and that will not only help you get fresher and healthier skin, but it will increase the healthy blood circulation into your skin.

Skin Food: IF you actually want to have beautiful skin then you need to feed it the right food and for that we are going to start with water, drink lots of water and eat healthy and balanced diet, and now you need to feed your skin externally and for that use fruits and healthy ingredients on your face, you can apply any fruit you like, the fruit you can eat is good enough for your skin too.

5 Minute Facial: MAKE a paste of overnight soaked Tamarind and add one tablespoon yogurt, one tablespoon clay and 2 teaspoon sandal wood powder and make a smooth paste and apply it over your face for 20 minutes no more than that though and then wash it off with running water and use this mask 2 time a week to get the best looking skin ever.

Under Eye Circles: PUTyour first and second fingers together and press the inner coroner or your eyes with that, you need to put a very little pressure on you skin for a while and then keep pressing and slide your fingers at outer corner of your eyes and repeat up to five times and it will help your dark circle very well.

Hot and Cold Wash: WHEN you wash your face first run worm water and wash your face for 5 seconds with that and then take chilled water and splash some of that water all over your face for another 5 seconds and it is not only very good way to clean your face, but it is very good to get healthy blood flow too.

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