Finger Millet Facial For Supple Skin

Finger Millet Facial For Supple SkinWe all know that plant based seeds are very good for the body and it a very healthy way to get require mineral and vitamins, but do you know that they are very good for your skin and for your healthy production of collagen, they provide you the soothing and cool impact to entire body, and we are going to talk about one of the best nut possible and we are going to talk about the benefits of finger millet for skin.

Normally people think that finger millet is harsh for face even though it feel so good and so affective, finger millet whole scrub is actually very good for the skin, so the best way to use it is, use in smallest quantity possible, but yess you can use as require for your feet and body and you can enjoy the best results and best feelings possible.

Finger millet Seed Scrub for Feet and Body:-if you want to use it for your body, you just need to take some worm baby oil and rub it all over your body, pay attention on your hand movements, rub in small circulation and rub hardly and now let it get soft and then make a scrub for your body, you need to take 3 spoon of curd, and 3 spoons full of finger millet seeds and mix well, now you need to sit down and apply all the mixture all over your body and let it get dry a bit and then start scrubbing, in small circular motion until you are satisfied and then scrub it off, and then take a worm shower and use mild baby soap.

Finger Millet Flour Pack for Face: Now we are going to make a smooth facial scrub with Finger Millet and you need to be very careful for that because it is a bit harsh for your skin, but it dies work magical too so we are going to give it a try, we will take 2 spoons of Finger Millet, add 3 spoons of milk and add a teaspoon olive oil in it and apply it all over your face and scrub with very smooth and gentle hands for 5 minutes and then wash it off with worm water.

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