Foods For Slimmer Face

Foods For Slimmer FaceSometime we feel that our face is bigger than our body and this is making us feel fatty and if you are trying to get rid of that issue and if you want to have a smaller and slimmer face then here are some foods that are very good for your system and for your body and at the same time they will make your face look younger and prettier and it will make your face look smaller eventually.Foods For Slimmer Face1

So here is the list of super food that will make your face look slimmer and smoother and you need to follow these few things while you are on that special diet.

Say no to these things.

Sugar, all kind of sugar, no matter if it is diet or healthy sugar, you are not allow to eat sugar at all, you can eat fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth once in a while.

Say no to all baked things, actually you need to avoid baking powder/soda, yeast and all other hidden ingredients that they add while they make these things.

Stay away from all kind of unhealthy snacks cakes, cookies, candies and all those things that you can get ready to eat form in different packets and if you really have to eat something between the meals then you can eat green or sharp colored vegetables or anything that you can eat without cooking.

Drink lots of water and that is the only thing that is good for your body and your skin at the same time and it will actual help you get rid of those things that you ate previously.

No alcohol, no sodas, no carbonated water, no soft drink and no ready to drink healthy drinks like
Juices and smoothies and no smoking at all.

Now here are some foods that you can try to get slimmer face and that will help you get beautiful skin too.

First thing that I will suggest you to start is Green Tea, as it contains anti-oxidant EGCG, which helps burn calories and flush out all the unhealthy and bad toxics and at the same time it make your skin smooth with providing the daily fluid intake and oxygen level and as we recently came to know that Green tea contains actives called Catechins which help your baring to fight with bad impacts.

Wholegrain bread is great thing for your body, few years back there was a phenomena that if you eat bread or any kind of bread then you start getting weight on, but actually it make your system work the way they suppose to and if you want to fulfill the required amount of fiber, vitamin B, vitamin E zinc, antioxidant nutrients then you need to start adding healthy carbs in your food, Whole grain bread also lowers the risk of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes and it is very good to make you lose stored fat.

If you have a date or appointment even in the evening and you want to get a slimmer look then eat Salmon not in breakfast, but in lunch and it will make your face muscles so tight that you look younger and slimmer automatically and if you want to get smoother skin the this food is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins like A, B and D and minerals such as calcium, iron, selenium, and phosphorus that boost overall health and make your skin seems smoother and healthier and it will make your immune system so strong .

Normally we eat curies to get the benefits of Garlic and Onions, but actually that is not fair because they cook them so much that they literally lose all of their benefits so if you want to get the benefits of Garlic and onions then you need to eat them row and there are millions of ways to eat them row as they are spicy and worm they actually make your brad and chicken and other healthy food more healthier and tasty and you would get the minerals and oils of these things that will make your metabolism run as fast as possible and you will lose fat from your face too.

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