Foods That Cause Acne

Foods That Cause AcneI remember when I was in my teen years, and nothing as actually showing impact on my horrible skin issues, my grandma use to say don’t eat oily things, stop eating fried things and see if egg or sweets are making your breakout, but I never really listened, I never thought that food can cause acne.

But now I actually know that it is true and food can sabotage all of your measures to get rid o acne and horrible skin issues, today I am going to give you simple list of foods that can be a reason of your skin issues.

1. Diet Soda: – You will never believe that diet soda is actually a very horrible thing for your skin, it not only can make your skin super irritating and inflamed, it can actually make your acne worse too, since it contains the aspartame that increases the acne breakouts and it can lower the pH levels which can cause acne.

2. Sugar:- Sugar is another very harsh reason of acne, if you take high glycemic index then it can make your skin unhealthy and it can cause acne too, because Sugar cause spikes which is a indirect reason of pimple producing hormones and sometime when we eat artificial chocolates and other sugary treats, it increases blood sugar, which indirectly sabotage the skin system.

3. Dairy: – Cow’s milk contains many nutrients and growth hormones and they are healthy, but sometime these growth hormones disturb the regular hormones and can cause acne, some time Milk irritate the skin horribly and increase the production of insulin in your body that can cause pimples on your skin too.

4. Vegetable Oils: Trans fats and highly processed vegetable oils are the major reason of pimples and acne, normally they just irritated the oil glands of skin and that make our skin to breakout,  and in that list I will add all kind of vegetable oils, include canola oil, corn oil, margarine, and other vegetable oils , if you really have to add oil in your diet then try extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil as it not only keep your system healthy, it is very good for clearer acne-free skin.

5. Spicy food: – Consumption of excess spicy food is bad for healthy body and system, normally people say that spices are good and one should avoid salt, but the fact is, you should not eat too much spices too, they are not only very handful our internal system, it s very bad for our skin too, This leads to inflammation sensation in your digestive track and acne on the skin and it can increase the aging procedure too.

At the end, I would love to tell you that if you want to have beautiful and healthy skin then you need to eat healthy and well balanced diet and drink lots of water:)

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry