Fruity Anti-Ageing Face Pack

Fruity Anti-Ageing Face PackI have been using berries and all kind of beans as a anti-aging food and I personally think that they are blessed with magical properties, and then I thought if they are good to make a pleasant impact from inside out then why cannot we use it to make a anti-aging mask and then I tried a very interesting mask for a week and I loved the impact and now I am sharing that with you.Ripe Mango Refreshing Face Pack Recipe

We are going to make a anti-aging mask with grapes and they are very good for skin and for the youthful appearance too, I have been using that for 14 days now and I can tell you that I am pretty happy with that and I am really very impressed with the results, I can recall something similarly from my childhood when my grandma use to rub golden and purple grapes on her flawless skin and the she had magical beautiful  and healthy skin even in her 60s and she used to rub alum powder on her face every day and she managed to look graceful without any visible saggy skin so I can say that these are two things that are totally responsible for that.Buy Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack Face Wash and other Himalaya products at at amazing discounts.

Now as we are going to talk about this mask let me tell you one thing that you can use any sort of grapes pureed or mashed and you can use frozen grapes too, my mother keep lots of packets of grapes of 10 grapes in each and she keep using it in almost throughout the year so you can do that too if you like the results, then you need to add honey, yogurt, olive oil or vitamin E gel capsules in it and then you can use either lime or lemon juice in it and mix then blend it a plastic jar and then mix clay or oatmeal in it is according to your skin tone and you need to mix as much as much require to keep the mask from running texture.

First of all you need to wash your face with worm water and then scrub your face with muslin cloth and splash some chilled water on your face and then apply this paste on your clean face for half an hour or more and then wash it off with warm water, you can scrub your face with that too and then wash it off and you will see glowing crystal clear skin instant and if you don’t have issue with any of these things then you can use it 4 times a week too and it will not only help you get rid of fine lines, but it will keep your skin smooth and healthy too.

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