General Beauty Tips

General Beauty TipsTo take care of your beauty is necessary for everyone because people like those who look neat, clean as well as beautiful. In this post i will tell you about that how to increase your beauty. And these are so simple tips and also a great thing in it that every man and women do this at home, one more thing is want to tell you that these are homemade tips. Really these tips are very beneficial for all of you.General Beauty Tips General Beauty Tips1

General Beauty Tips


1: Take Gram flour three or four spoons and mix it into water and make a paste of it, then apply on face, after applying the paste of Gram flour leave it and wait, when the paste is completely dry and wash your face with neutrogena face wash no matter what is the brand of face wash. This tip is for those who have oily skin.

2: Take four lemon cut them into two pieces  take out the lemon juice rub the renaming part on your elbows and also on middle of your fingers of hands and feet. Our parts of body become black at joints, which give very ugly and bad look. Lemon is helpful to remove black and dark spots for your elbows, keens and also joints of fingers.

3: Take cloves of garlic and rub on your nails of hands and feet it makes your nails shinny and also helps the nails to grow well.

4: Drink juice twice a day spicily juice of citrus fruits make your skin color fair and also provide a real or natural freshness to your skin.

5: Massage of olive oil on hair and scalp of head once in a week at night, then left it and wash your head properly in the morning. After a month you hair will be free from dandruff and look silky and shinny.

These are very easy tips which do not take much time, also no money wastage and no disturbance. Basically if You are not taking care of your beauty, then a time come when you relize that take care of your God gifted beauty is important for you, so that`s why take great care of your beauty.

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