Get A Plump & Pretty Personality

I am one of those who think that it is good to be shaped, but size zero???? Big NO! Weight has nothing to do with your beauty or your looks, you can try to get in shape, but if you think that since you are a size 12 or up an you cannot look beautiful then you are wrong, Nobody is perfect out there and if you want the society to accept your looks the you need to accept it first, you might don’t get the most sexiest man, but you will get the most loyal one for sure.Get A Plump & Pretty Personality

Here are some simple things you need to do to get the beautiful personality.

If you were born with huge body frame then you need to understand that it is not going to go completely so you need to concentrate on other things rather than drastic diet which will just snatch of the natural freshness and goodness of your face, so look after your face and your body, get smooth and glowing skin and try to use home remedies for that and that will bring you natural looks without any side effects.Get A Plump & Pretty Personality 1

No matter how beautiful hair you have, you need to tie them away from your face, cause they not only hide your beautiful face, but they will add in your face frame and make you look fatter and bigger so use hair bands and catchers and keep them away from your face as much as possible, but make sure you are not pulling them from roots, be soft to yourself and your hair too.

You need some own signature scent, your own aroma and for that you can use some essential oils and you can use some herbs too, use vanilla essence and it will make you irresistible I bet.

Have your own style of clothes, normally people make cloths for skinny and slim girls and if you use them you will end up looking fatter and bigger try to make your own style by mixing different thing, hide your issue areas and show off your beautiful  assets, but don’t be vulgar and don’t look desperate you need to look stylish and cute, I could say sexier, but I did not say that, once you need to understand what sexier mean and then you would go for that.

Stand straight and have a good posture, if you  have big tummy or big hips then try to solve this issue, but don’t lean don’t hide yourself with over size cloth stand with your head up, if you are curvy then there is nothing to be ashamed off, what you think about Kim Kardashian? Don’t you think she is beautiful? If she can look beautiful with that much fat and curves why cant you?

Love yourself and be the most positive and the pleasant person you know.

Umar Awais

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