Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally

Get Rid Of Dandruff NaturallyDandruff is one of the most common skin and hair issue and we all deal with it in some stages of our lives, and normally we don’t pay any attention to it, but actually it is very bad and it is almost the last stage of your scalp to tell you that your body, your scalp needs help and today we are sharing some natural ways to treat dandruff and you can use these to prevent dandruff too.

Olive Oil: – I personally think that all of essential oils are great for body and for looks, but you need to understand that every oil has its own qualities and properties and if you are looking for something to use for your dandruff or dryness then Olive oil is an essential oil that is effective for your issue , it is loaded with the natural moisturizer and nutritional agents and it is not only very healthy for eating, it is very good for your body and it is very healthy for your hair and for your scalp too, it is not only a very healthy way to get longer hair, but if you start using it for hair and scalp oiling then it not only prevent dandruff, but you will be actually solve the dry scalp issue too.

Castor & Olive Oil: – If your scalp is getting too dry and you have tried almost everything then try a mixture of olive oil with castor oil and you will see a magical result really soon, castor oil is very good and if you can handle facial hair then start using it on your face too and I can assure you that you will never ever buy any kind of anti aging cream ever, and it is very good for your scalp too cause you don’t need to be scare of hair on your scalp and that means you can avail the good qualities of this natural moisturizer and you just need to apply this mixture for 10 minutes and then wash it off with worm water and mild shampoo.

Neem Leaves: – Neem is an herbal ingredient that is known for its antiseptic and medicinal properties and we can use it to treat any oily dandruff, what does oily dandruff means? Well sometime our skin get too oily that it starts getting pilled on scalp and Neem is great for that, you just need to make a smooth paste of fresh leaves and then add some Aloe Vera in it and apply it all over your scalp for 20-35 minutes and then wash it off with runny water and mild shampoo, you can use pain paste too if you want to treat dry or itchy scalp….

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