Healthy Silky and Shiny Hair:


long-blond-hair-extensions-380x280As age is gown up, hair and skin are both also affected. Women dream to have healthy shiny hair and skin. Hair style and it`s length became change due to fashion and time. Healthy and long hair are symptom of beauty as well as it increase the beauty of face. We attempt many steps to keep out skin fresh and glow. Similarly we should take step. Specially, nutrients keep healthy hair. Here we discuses hair treatment from nutrient.Healthy Silky and Shiny Hair


• Take such nutrients which have lot of protein and avoid that food which have fat and carbohydrate. But importantly fatty acid, vitamins, minerals like Zinc and cilium are in high quantity.
• Add fresh fruits and vegetables in diet. The main cause of hair fall specially, in women is lack of iron. If you do not take balance diet then you take supplements after concerning your doctor.
• Due to deficiency of mineral the hair start fall.

How to Take Care of Your Hair:Healthy Silky and Shiny Hair1

At a going age where we take care of our face to keep it freshness from try the different steps like facial, mask, massage. Similarly we need to give importance to our hair.Here we have some points such

1. Do not wash hair regularly with shampoo. Give a gap of two or three days.

2. Use a shampoo accordingly to hair type to keep it healthy and shiny. Always use mild shampoo and conditioners, which have Egg, Amla or Yogurt ingredient OR Almond oil. These things help to increase the natural softness and shiny.

3. Always use that comb in hair which have wide tooth. It do not matter that brush in plastic or wood form. But it`s quality should be good. Brush has round tip not a narrow, because round tip brush does not effect the head skin.

4. Do not comb your hair when they are wet. When it dry naturally then use comb.

5. Avoid to chemical treatment for your hair and do not apply sticky pin or other pin.

6. Use dryer, roller straighter, curling iron use only once a month.

7. Use deep conditioner and mask once in a week. It brings back softness in hair and help to increase hair cells.

8. Linseed oil is better for hair massage. Add Sunflower, Pumpkin seed, Almond, Fig and Soya in your diet.

Healthy Silky and Shiny Hair2Oil Massage:

I. Use oil for hair shinning and beauty.

II. Uses any hot oil which you have bare your head skin.

III. Take a bottle, pour very hot water in it. Now add olive oil and mix it (till water and oil mix well together). Cover the bottle with towel (to keep oil warm). Then slightly massage that this mixture in your hair. Cover your hair with the help of shower cap and cover it with warm towel. After 30 min, wash your hair with the help of best quality shampoo. It is helpful in bring natural softness, healthy and strong hair.

IV. Take oil of Olive, Coconut, Mustard, Amla for massage. Massage increases the level of blood which helps for our eye sight.

V. Massage time should be 10 to 20 min.

VI. It is necessary to cover your hair with warm towel after massage. Because oil absorbed hair`s root, which reduce the dryness from your hair and growth properly.

VII. Do not use comb after massage. It becomes dangerous for hair. Hair become soft
due to massage, it breaks up easily.

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