Hide Double Chin With Makeup

Hide Double Chin With MakeupCosmetic is a very powerful thing, and the main tip or rule for contouring and highlighting or low lightning is to learn how you can create a illusion, it is not very easy and it is not very simple too, cause it need lots of practice, and you need to practice on your own face, you cannot say that I have been watching so many shows.

I have read about that a lot and I can do that, no you cannot, there are so many angles and so many tricks that you will learn by doing that, by using your own face as a practice book, and you need to pick the right kind and right shade of contouring shade, highlighter and low lighter and foundation or concealer, it will take some time, but don’t disappointed at all, today we are going to share some simple and very easy tips with you to hide double chin under the shading and contouring.

Distract Away: – The biggest tip I can give you is to focus on other beautiful features, I can tell you that if you have double chin and you are trying to highlight your lips to distract it, then you are wrong, highlight your eyes, cause if one would see your lips, his/her eyes go straight to your double chine too, pay attention on your foundation or concealer and use nice blusher to highlight your cheeks, use falsies, a good mascara and may be a metallic shadow, and use very light natural lip gloss to finish the look, you need to make sure to make your chin go unnoticed at all.

Contour: – Never ever leave your home before you contour, even if you have perfect features and if you have perfect shape, still highlight shade on the top of the cheeks, under the eyes apple of the cheeks, apply some shade in the hollow of the cheeks, apply vertical strokes on your nose and draw a line at an angle around the nose, make it look long and sleek and blend a lot, use perfect shade and blend well, use a blusher, and for double chin, use a darker powder on the side of the face in the shape of “3″ and go from temple, under the cheeks and under the jaw line and let it swing on the neck too and blend, blend, blend, blend.

Bold Lips: – if you are avoiding your eyes due to some reason, like you might having puffy eyes or dark circle then you have no way out except highlighting the lips and for that you can use some bold red lips, some shimmer on the center or a pop of tint on the lips and that will keep the eyes on the level and keep the unwanted attention on the double chin at the edge.

At the end, let me tell you one thing, I have given a very general view and I am not there with you, so you have to see what is making things good and what is making things worse for you, don’t be stubborn, keep your mind open and keep working on with full determination.

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on http://www.shechoice.com as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry