Home Remedies For Blackheads

Home Remedies For BlackheadsIf you have oily skin and you get black heads so frequently then you should keep your skin clean and oil free then I can say that it will actually help your skin and your pores too and we are sharing some home remedies for you that you can use to prevent and treat blackheads.Home Remedies For Blackheads 11

Salt & Milk Scrub, although it is a time consuming way to getting rid of blackheads, but still it is worth trying and it is not a very difficult or you don’t need to gather too many things, you just need to take some hoe milk and then add some salt in it and you need to make sure that you need to make a gritty consistency and add one table soon salt one two teaspoon milk and mix it a bit and then scrub your skin with that and then wash your skin with chilled water and you will be noticing a clear and smooth skin immediately.Home Remedies For Blackheads 2

Honey, Salt &Lime, if you are trying to get rid of blackheads then make a mask with salt, lime and honey and mix it well and apply that over your skin three times a week and then wash it off after 20-30  minutes and you will be able to treat and get prevent blackheads and acne too, but you need to understand that although they are good and they work but these kinds of techniques are not overnight things, you need to give it some time, but keep apply these home remedies.

Products With Salicylic Acid are very good to treat acne and pimples and if you use scrubs that has Salicylic Acid in it then it would help you get rid of these blackheads, you can sue plain Salicylic Acid too and for that you can buy plain Salicylic Acid and use it as a skin cleaner or toner and it will help your skin and your pores too.

Btw lime is the best thing that you can use to get rid of blackheads.

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