Home Remedies For Greasy Skin [ I ]

Home Remedies For Greasy Skin [ I ]We all know that oil skin is a very complicate and messy skin and if you were born with oily skin then you need to know few things and we will start with the food, although I know that we all like to enjoy fried chicken and we all like fries and chips, but  you are not allow to use these yummy things, you can eat chocolates, but I will say that eat let and you can use dark chocolates, you should eat healthy food, eat Vegetarian food and use healthy fresh uncooked food, salad, roosted food are great for your body and your skin too, if you have oily skin and you start eating oil too then it will exaggerate the problem and it will make your skin much more complicated and messy and I can tell that would be the last thing you want, so just do not provide extra oil to your body and to your skin and try to eat healthy food and I would say that add whole grain in your food and in your day to day life too, use blotting paper to rub your skin once in a day and that will make your skin dry and shine free.Home Remedies For Greasy Skin [ I ]1

Next thing that I would recommend is water, drink lots of water and if you can then add some lime or some mint in your drinks and that will solve your skin issues up to some extend and then you can drink salty yogurt drink and that will help your system and will help your oily skin too and for that you need to mix 4 glass of chilled water in one cup of yogurt and half of teaspoon cumin seeds and grind these and keep the drink in refrigerate and use within a day and you can make it every day for beautiful  smooth skin.Home Remedies For Greasy Skin [ I ]2
When you have oily skin then you have to get ready for the other aliments of oily skin too which are black heads, white heads, pimple and acne and for the best results you just need to start with cleaning your skin and I would say that noting is better than a deep cleansing of your skin for dealing with oily skin and we will talk about the daily and weekly routine, you have to wash your face with plain running water and some mildest soap or face wash three times a day and then you need to wash your face with 242 routine and if you are new here then let me tell you that you need to wash your face with worm water for whole 2 minutes and then take a clean soft net and pour some face wash on it and rub it over your face with smooth and light hands all over your face for whole 4 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water for 2 minutes and you need to use this way of washing your face twice a day.

Keep some bloating papers in your bag and tab it over your face over your face and it will absorb the excessive oil from your face and then you will be able to avoid  oily face, black heads and pimple eventually.

You can use an oatmeal paste over your face to deal with oily skin and clean it thoroughly and for that you just need to mix unflavored oatmeal, lemon juice and olive oil and apply that over your face and then wash it off with slightly worm water and you can use it 4 times a week and that will keep your oily skin clean and healthy.

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