Home Remedies For Split Ends

Home Remedies For Split EndsDry and damaged hair breaks easily while styling or brushing and lack of moisturizer and nourishment is the one of the main reason of damaged and dry hair and split ends is the one of the most ugliest and the most horrible hair or beautiful problem, and today we are going to work on that with simple and natural things.

1. OIL MASSAGE: – Your hair getting split ends shows only one thing, your hair are losing the moisturizer and they needs some treatment and for that we have been using the oiling for ages, I will give you the best combination of oils to get the ample moisturizer in your hair and scalp, you should take coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil in same quantity and worm it up a bit just before applying it in your hair and apply it with your fingers and rub very smoothly for 10-15 minutes and then let the oil sit in your hair and scalp for maximum a day and the wash it off with mild shampoo and running water.

2. EGG MASK: – Egg is one of the most affective and the most easiest ways to get moisturizer in your hair and scalp, the only thing that you need to do is, take egg yolk of three eggs and mix it well with half a cup of olive oil according to your own hair and add one tablespoon of honey in it and then blend well and apply it over your scalp and on your hair and cover your hair with shower cap for 45 minutes and then wash it off with mild shampoo and running water.

3. PAPAYA MASK: – Papaya is rich in proteins and that is the most important thing your hair needs to get healthy and shiny look and if you are getting split ends that means you need some intensive measures so you need to take one cup of finally mashed peeled papaya and add two tablespoons yogurt in I and apply it all over your scalp and then rub a bit on your hair too, but don’t rub too hard and cover your hair with shower cap to lock the moisture in and wash your hair with running water and mild shampoo after 45-120 minutes.

4. Honey rinse:-Last but not least, use a homemade leave in conditioner for hair and your split ends, you just need to take one tablespoon honey and add it in a cup of worm water and shake it well and apply it all over your hair and brush your hair, now you just need to let your hair get dry in fresh air, don’t need to wash it off cause it will keep your hair moisturizer and healthy without any kind of damage.

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