Homemade Body Scrubs for Dry Skin

Body Scrubs For Dry SkinScrubbing is very good to clean your skin and to remove dead cells, there are lots of things that you can use to clean your skin, you can use any essential oil to rub your face, it is very healthy thing to do, you can use any oil you want, but if you want a healthy skin then use a mixture of citric oils, and if you have oily skin then you can use lavender oil with olive oil, so use essential oils for your skin, and then there are so many homemade scrub that you can try at home and here are some of very effective and very nutritional body and face scrub.How To Make a Moisturizing Body Scrub

Here are some simple body and face scrubs that you can make at home.

Coffee Sugar Body Scrub: – This is one mask that not only very good for our skin and pours, but it is very good to treat cellulite too, you just need to take one-fourth cup sugar and mix it with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and then add 3 Vitamin E capsules in it and mix it well and then apply that mask all over your body and rub very smoothly and rapidly and then wrap plastic sheet all over your body and make your body wormed up, and then take a worm shower.

Body Exfoliants & ScrubsBanana Sugar Body Scrub: – This is very good for dry and dull looking skin and for that you just need to take one ripe banana and ad granulated sugar and pure vanilla extract in it and mix it with some essential oil and keep blending till it become smooth paste and then apply that all over your face and body for 20 minutes and then scrub it off, it not only make your skin smooth, but it will make your skin nourished and healthy too and it will moisturizer your skin too.

Spicy Sugar Scrub: – If you feel that your blood circulation is not very good then this is one thing that you can use to get healthy blood flow in your body and in your skin and for that you need sugar and add ground cloves and dried rose petals with sesame oil and mix well, you need to mix and then apply that all over your face and keep adding some worm water on your skin too, you can use hands or a washcloth in small, circular motions to treat your skin well and then wash your body with worm water.

Best of luck.

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