Homemade Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

Face Mask For Sensitive SkinHere are some very simple and very effective homemade masks for you that is suitable for everyone and are effective for everyone and everyone can use it for best looking skin ever.

Homemade Pumpkin Face MasksFruit Mask For All Skin Types: – Take peeled and mashed pineapple and add 2 tablespoon of oatmeal or gram flour it is all up to you and add one tablespoon of olive oil in it and blend in the mixer till it become a fine paste and now leave it on the room temperature and mean while take muslin cloth and rub your face with worm water and muslin cloth and then apply the mask all over your face and your neck for 15-25 minutes or till it get dry and stretchy and then wash it off with cold water and follow with moisturizer, you can make the same mask with pineapple apple, pear, peach, etc and you can make a mask with all of these things too, they are too good for your skin and then add oatmeal to make it stick on your face.

Homemade facial mask with roseRose Petal Mask: – Rose is something that is not only very good for your skin and your skin tone, but it is best thing that you can use to get younger looking skin and if you use the seeds with the flowers too then you will get magical results, This is a great balancing mask for those with dry skin and an oily t-zone and you just need to take one tablespoon yogurt with one tablespoon honey and rose water and apply that all over you your face every day or whenever you get time and if you want to get better results then add fresh rose petals and grind to a smooth paste in the mixer and apply the mask every night before go to bed and scrub when it get dry and then wash it off with worm water  and apply any night cream.

Best Homemade Face MasksClay Mask For Pimples: – no matter what is the reason behind the pimples acne, but it will go away with one plain clay make, and if you want to get magical result then you need to take 3 tablespoon fuller’s earth and add 2 tablespoon rose water and one tablespoon aloe vera gel and mix well and when you ready to apply add some lime juice in it and then apply the thick past on your face for 20-30 minutes it is up to you and then wash it off with running water and if you keep using that on your face everyday then you will see that not only it is very good for your pimples, but it is very good for your skin and your tone too.

Yogurt Mask For Beautiful Smooth SkinYogurt Mask For Beautiful Smooth Skin: – Yogurt is loaded with good germs and with belching impacts and to get best results you need to mix it with best ingredients. You need to take one tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal with one tablespoon of organic yogurt and some honey in it and place it in refrigerator to get a chilling feeling which is very good for aging skin and then apply that all over your face for 2030 minutes and then scrub it off with worm water.

Best of luck.

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