Homemade Hair Care Tips

Homemade Hair Care TipsEveryone want to make his or her hair long, strong and shiny. If you want to make your hair healthy, then you have take care of it. These are various things affect the hair growth like, split ends, breakage and many other factors  Most common cases are bad maintenance Foe Example: no properly brushing  and washing.18 Secrets to Thick Natural beauty tips for long shiny thick hairs8 18 Secrets to Thick Natural beauty tips for long shiny thick hairs9

If you take proper care of your hair then you can have good hair. Here are some tips and tricks to make your hair long and strong. All these tips and tricks guide you to protect against hair fall, blockage and damage hair. They all are very easy and homemade tips for hair related problems.

1: First of all massage yous hair with oil, to create blood circulation.

2: Comb hair and head skin softly and smoothly twice a day in morning and at night before sleep. It helps to stop hair fall.

3: Excess of heat of hair dryer damage the hair and make them weak. So keep the dryer away from the scalp and hair while using it.

4: Use of hair creams, gels, lotions and sprays block your hair follicles.

5: These hair accessories contain chemicals, so don`t forget to work your hair before going to bed.

6: If you are fond of swimming then shampoo your hair after coming out of the pool. Such water contains chlorine which damage the hair.

7: Save your hair from direct wind and sun they affect badly your skin.

8: Don`t wear tight hat, it will reduce blood circulation and stop hair growth.

9: Stress on mind also affect the hair.

10: Some common reasons of hair fall, are birth control medicines, pregnancy and hormone level.

11: Take healthy diet enriched with vitamin, minerals and protein. It will help to increase hair growth.

12: To much use of conditioner make the hair oily.

13: Olive oil is good for hair growth.

14: Drink as much water as you can. It will provide moist to hair and stop dandruff.

These tips must help you to increase hair growth and stop hair fall and dandruff.