Hot Oil Massage To Prevent Hair Loss Tips

Hot Oil Massage To Prevent Hair Loss TipsWorld is loaded with pollution and stress and that is one of the main reason of hair loss and other issues related with our looks and our beauty and today we are going talk about some simple and very effective way to treat hair issues, we all know that and I can bet if you had grandma when you were growing up, then you would have heard about oiling your hair to get beautiful long and healthy hair, and today we are going to treat hair loss with oil too.

Oil massage helps in improving the circulation of blood to the scalp which ultimately leads to better nourishment and hence better health of hair and when we use worm oil, it get penetrate in hair follicles much easier and much better and if you are using the right kind and right sort of oil then it will work right the way you want it to and it provides good lubrication to the hair, thereby, checking and reducing the damage and helping it to get better results.

Hot Oil Massage To Prevent Hair Loss

Simply just take couple of tablespoon oil, and I would say make a mixture of olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, and some jojoba oil an worm it up, if it’s sunny then put it in the sunlight for a while, or worm it up in the microwave and then apply it all over the scalp and massage with smooth and study hands, keep rubbing it till it get fully absorbed.

Then dip the roots in the oil for a while and then apply some oil in your hair too and now take a worm wet towel and cover your hair with that and when it gets cool down, repeat the treatment and then let it cool down, you will see that oil has reduced cause it has gone in the scalp and in your hair and then let your skin calm down a bit and then wash it off with worm water and baby shampoo.

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin-E and hence helps to reduce hair fall too, you can use plain sweet almond oil to rub it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff and hair fall, but if have supper dry scalp then you should use olive oil as it is very good for your dry scalp, but if you have oily scalp then add some lavender oil with few drops of citric oil in your mixture.

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