How to Apply Evening Makeup Tips

How to Apply Evening Makeup TipsIf you are confused what kind of look will look good on your and what kind of makeup will look good  on evening party then here we are to help you in that regard and let me tell you one thing, if you are confident and if you are happy with the way you look then you can try any look you want, you can try glamorous and sexy look, you can try simple and natural look and you can try any look you want, so be bold and be confident, don’t be shy and don’t be embarrassed, if you want society to accept you the way you are then you need to accept it first and then you will be able to rock any look at all.How to Apply Evening Makeup Tips1

Today we are giving you some very simple and common way to look good, beautiful  and impressive and you can add or alter anything you want from these tips, cause I don’t know you and I haven’t seen you ever, but I bet you did and you know hat look good on you, so are you ready.How to Apply Evening Makeup Tips2

Evening Makeup should to be a bit bright and glamorous and I am saying that cause I love to see a face shinning like a star in the gathering of ice-cream faces, and you need to know the difference between a day glamorous look and a night glamorous look,, when you get ready for night you got to use neutral shades under the fluorescent lights, you should not try those flirty shades , you can use smooth shades of pink and red and you can use orange and maroon shades too, and black, gray and brown are great for your eyes.

If you are going to attend something in evening then you got to avoid dull plain shades of golden and yellow tones, they are good for sunshine and they look cute in mornings too, but in evenings they look deadly and artificial and will make you look desperate to look good.

As I always say that bronzers is the best thing you can do to look naturally beautiful, but in day light, when the sun is out and when you are out to get the natural light, not in evening, they are horrible for evening parties, no matter what shade you suing, you will look artificial and you will look dull and dry.

Use liquid foundation and use water proof cause no matter what kind of skin you have, if you are getting ready for evening, it would be great to apply some ice on your foundation for perfect look and this will make your make up last longer, artificial lights make your foundation meltdown and of you use ice pack then it will fix your foundation for longer time of period.

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