How to Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes For Morning

How to Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes For MorningToday I am going to give you a very simple and very appropriate look for a working day and it will take just 5 minutes and that make it so simple and if you want to refresh your look then you can actually wash your face with water and face wash and apply a complete makeup all over again, you just need to use perfect products though, and the most important thing that I want you to understand is, I am sharing a look I carry during my day to day life, you need to get ideas from that look and develop your own look according to your skin issues.

Moisturizer: – Wash your face and tab apply some moisturizer all over your face, shoulder and neck, I use a moisturizer that has a very strong and affective sunscreen in it and that allow me to skip sunscreen and then apply some serum all over my face specially around my eyes, over my laughter lines, over my nose cause I have few fine lines over my nose since my childhood and all over my forehead and then I give some time to my moisturizer to get absorb in my skin completely, I don’t actually have any skin mark or dark circles fortunately so I don’t use foundation or concealer, but I do apply some BB cream over my face and my neck to get smoother and finest skin look.

Hair: – I have long hair and I am very conscious about my hair so I don’t let them untie all the time, I make a smooth lose bun with chopsticks so don’t need to work hard on it, I can tie all of my hair in a lose bun in seconds and then fix my frond bangs.

Eyes: – I apply eyeliner pencil instead of liquid or gel eyeliner cause I have to wash my face at least three times during the day cause I cannot carry the same look all the day long and pencil liner suit my routine and then I use waterproof mascara with lash curler and then I use one or two shade lighter than my skin primer and apply it all over my lid and then take one nude shade and apply it over the crease and then use a pinkish or peach shade over the lid and blend well and then the nude eye pencil over the waterline and a light brown eye pencil under the lower lash line, try and see the magic.

Cream Blush:- Normally I go for peach or orange blush on, but light brown shade is ideal for some change, but when you don’t have too much time then go for Cream blush and just take a dot and apply it over your cheeks and then start blending it toward your hairline, simple and natural and then take a slightly shiny white highlighter and apply over the cheeks and over the eye brow bone and blend well and then take the same brush with the slightly highlighter and apply over your under eye and over your cupid bow to get glamorous touch.

Try to avoid using lipstick when you don’t have time to apply all the liners, primer and lips locks, use lip-gloss for safe and cute look, it look sexy and cute at the same time;)
Last but not least, don’t forgot your breakfast, your supplements and your water bottle, keep your sunglasses with you, your eyes would say thank you for this

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry