How to Make Your Face Look Thinner Workouts

Thin Your Face With MakeupWhen we see a baby with chubby cheeks and round face, we love the look and we like it, but a girl with round face look horrible and round face ages her too, so today I thought to give you some simple tips to get thinner looking face even if you were born with a perfectly round face.How To Get Slimmer Face Faster

Here are some Makeup tips that will help you get thinner face within few minutes, you just need to keep practicing these.

If you want to make your face look thinner then you need to add the angles in your face, you need to add curvy cuts in your face and for that we will use the technique of contorting, you need to enhancing the angles in your face through contouring and if you keep practicing then you will see that it will actually very much fun and it’s very easy too, first of all I am pretending that you know that two shades foundation or concealer blending, I bet you do, and now you need to take your fluffy brush and take your contouring shade and make a fine smooth fish face, such your cheeks to find the hollows in your cheeks and then apply some strokes of matte bronzing powder in that hollow and it will make your face look long and thinner.How to Get Skinny Face in 5 Steps

Next thing that you can try is take two coordinating blush shades and then smile as wider as possible and apply the lighter blush shade onto the apples of your cheeks and then follow the line of your cheekbones and apply a sheer sweep of the darker shade of blush and then take a clean brush and blend both shades and it will give your cheeks the magical angular.How To Get Thinner Cheeks

Take a sheer shimmer powder and sweep it along the top of your cheekbones, you can use your fingers to do that since it will give you the perfect freedom and then apply the same shade on the temples and blend.

Now take a thick brush and apply the matt bronzer just behind your ear, under your jaw line, start from that point and draw a line all the way to your chin and blend.

Now We Are Sharing Some Exercises to Make Your Face Look Thinner, but it will take weeks and months, but it will work for sure.

Inhale a deep breath and fill your mouth with air and hold your lips tightly, now push all the air in your right cheeks then on your left cheeks and then under your lips and keep doing that for a minute and then exhale, and repeat that 5 times a day.

Take a plastic lollipop and keep sucking it when you have time while you watching TV, working on Pc or cooking, you will get tired, but it will actually diminish all the fat from your face.

While you wash your face in the morning look up in the ceiling and then try to kiss it with stretched face and keep the posse for 30 seconds and then come back and then try that again and again for 20 times and then wash your face , you will see a difference in a week.

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