How to Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar Facial

How to Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar FacialIf you want to get rid of all of the bad winter feelings then you have to make sure you apply lots of moisturizer all the time, you use a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline, you use good foot and hand cream and face cream, I actually apply lost of ail all over my body before taking the bath and for that I use worm baby oil and massage all over my body for 10 minutes.

I actually pay attention on all of my skin, my knees, elbows and my heels and then I take bath and tab dry my body and apply my home made glycerin moisturizer which I make with glycerin, lemon and rose water and it is very good to apply all over the body and I let my skin absorb the goodness of the moisturizer before I wear cloth and that keep my legs and my arms very smooth and my body baby soft an d I use my home made ACV skin toner to keep my skin healthy and nourished.

I have very smooth and sensitive skin, I get reaction of almost everything, but that ACV worked really great for me, one of my friend told me that she has been using ACV on her skin over night and it is helping the appearance of her skin and I was very impressed.

I did actually used it as a night toner for three days and it impressed me, but I was using it with rose water since it was a bit harsh for my skin and it did work for me and now I am going to shade a very simple and nitrating toner with you that can help almost all of your skin issues.

As I told you that I have used it with rose water too, and I used to add 1 part ACV, 2 parts water and fill the spray bottle with the mixture and just spray over my face and wipe off with a cotton pad to get the smooth skin and it did help, but if you can tolerate the harshness then if you use one tablespoon of ACV and one teaspoon water, then it will not only work faster, it will actually clean your skin very soon, just don’t use it in sunshine, it is too harsh for your skin once it get in contact with sun-rays.

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