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How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner..Eye liner is an important part of eye make up - liquid eyeliner makeupThere are so many funky ways to get beautiful eyes and I love to experimenting with looks and for that I pick eyes, eyes are kind of my forty since I can actually fix anything at all which goes worn with my look, its blushed that make me look like a dumb joker so I avoid it at any cost, I pick plain bronze to add some shade in my chalky face and I spend all the time on my eyes, I always make sure to have well-groomed and well shaped eye brows, and I always pick the one who herself has a nice shade to shape my brows, and I let her do her work perfectly and then I see if I was right or not to letting her to touch  my eye brows;)  and now since we are going to try some plain eye liner look so I want you to pick the idea and try it at home with the best shade of collection you have, you don’t need to match it with all of your dressing, you can use a single earrings of that shade and it will complement all of your look for sure, I always say, don’t be afraid to try different things cause that is the only ways to learn and get new things;) so are you ready for this cute and very easy look.Wedding Golden Blue Eye Makeup

First of all you need to see what kind of skin you have, If you have oily lids then you just need to take some loose powder and sprinkle it over your lids or prim your eyes with some foundation and then use a fluffy brush and rub it all over your lids and get a perfect skin tone you are looking for  and make sure your eye lid are perfectly mat and that would prevent the liner from smudging and would make it last longer too and it will actually enhance the shade too.How to Put on Pencil Eyeliner

Now you need to take any eye liner you like, BTW you can use lip liner too as long it is sticky and last longer and then you need to reshape it too cause we are looking for a thinnest line look and for the same purpose you need to take a bright and shiny color , now I don’t want to make a fuss out of it, we all know that it take hardly a second to apply a liner on the line if you are pro in it, but for new comers, just hold the outer corner of your eye and stretch it outward a bit and it will not only make your liner perfect, but will let you apply the finest thinnest line too, if you are new comer in the world of shades and makeup then don’t rush, apply small and light strokes. You don’t have to draw the complete line in one go and then when you’re done with your lash line then you need to go outwards and then upward a bit, we are not trying to get a wing here though.Classic Bridal Eye Makeup Tutorial

Keep it thicker and darker at the outer corner and lighter and thinnest in the inner corner, cover the whole line, but don’t apply too much on inner corner, let it nude and then apply the same shade to apply the line on the lower lash line too, and then blend it with your finger and rub it a bit.MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Crayon Undercurrent

Now take a Kajal and apply the lines on the inner water lines on both sides, upper and lower waster line, but don’t too much and finish the look with mascara, if you want to add some extra touch then you can use a nude shade on the skin around your eyes.

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