How to Treat & Prevent Bad Breath

Prevent Bad BreathNo one likes to have bad breath and no one like to get embarrassed with bad breath in front of other people and for that we normally treat such kind of issues with artificial things like mouth sprays and mouth wash, these things do help a bit, but nothing of these things are actually designed to help the main roots, but if you use the right way and if you use to perfect treatment then you don’t really have to use all of these things and today we are going to share some very simple ways to treat and prevent bad breath.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

How to Prevent Bad Breath Naturally

First of all you need to follow the perfect oral hygiene, you need to brush your teeth twice, use floss and mouthwash whenever needed and once in regular routine and gaggling your mouth with worm black tea at least once a day and that will remove the invisible layer of bacteria that is plaque and will help you get better looking teeth and will help you with your over all oral health too.

Clean your tongue once in day too; for that you can get the specially designed tooth brush for that or you can use your regular toothbrush too and that will actually help you get rid of bad breath and it will help you get a better oral health too.

If you are getting bad breath due to dehydration then you know what to do, you need to start adding too much water in your diet, drink lots of water or try sucking on gum to increase the saliva and keep mouth well rinsed and odor free, and sometime when we eat harsh and strong food like garlic and onion we do get bad breath then you can treat it with water too and if you chew some mint or peppermint gum then you will feel difference…
Quit bad habits including smoking, coffee, tea and even some strong citric or soda can be a reason for bad breath, so stay away of cut down on alcohol and smoking.

With these you can use some simple tips too to treat and prevent bad breath:-

Chew 1 or 2 cloves, mint leaves or cardamom daily after meals.

Use tea tree oil in your regular toothpaste 3 times a week and you can add it in your mouth wash too and if you don’t like the feelings of tea tree oil then you can use olive oil in a cup of warm water to gargling  your mouth right after your brushing.

Chew some tender leaves of guava tree and it will not only help you with bad breath, but it will prove very good for your bleeding gums and overall oral health.

How to Prevent Bad Breath Naturally

Use baking soda on your toothbrush to brush your teeth 2 time week and then use the same brush to brush your gums and your tongue too.

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