How To Treat Scars Naturally

How To Treat Scars NaturallyHave you ever thought what make some scars and some wounds so darker and as horrible as compare to some other scars that we get on the same skin and we treat with same things? I personally feel, all the wounds that do not heal properly or scars that still has some inflammations, which means and I have actually tried that too, and I am happy with the results, if you don’t want to have scars on your face then you need to start with the wound or pimple or whatever it was and work on it properly, make sure it get healed and keep safe from infection and   for that we are going to give you few simple tips regarding that.

When you get pimple of any cut, keep it safe from infection and bacterial activities, If it is wound and something serious, listen to your doc and if it is pimple then take some tea tree oil and clean your pimple with that and apply ant infection gel form ornament on it, it will keep it safe and clean too and will heal the issue completely.

Now here are some simple things that you can use to treat your scars and marks.

Honey: Raw honey can be used to fade scars very affectively, normally it moisturized and stimulates tissue regeneration naturally and to get beautiful flawless skin you just need to mix two tablespoons of raw honey with two tablespoons of baking soda and make a smooth paste and apply it over your face and massage it for a few minutes in small circulation and then cover your face with hot washcloth for a while and then remove it when it cool down and then wipe the mask with the same cloth and soon you will notice result.

Onion extract are another very great agent to treat scars and wounds since it is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent and it help with the production of collagen too which is a very simple and very natural ways, it heal out the scars from inside out and treat scars visibly.

Tea tree oil is great way to get rid of bacterial infection and germs which are the main reason of inflamed and ugly looking scars, but when we treat the wounds perfectly, it not only reduce the chances of scars, but it heal out the scars too, and gradually remove scars even if you had it ages ago, but the only thing that you need to keep in mind while you use it, it is a very strong and sharp oil and it can be harmful for your skin too, so you should use it after dilute it with some other healthy and essential oil and if you don’t want to use it with oil then you can add a small amount of tea tree oil in warm water and clean your face with that mixture to treat scars and pimples too.

Lemon and ACV is also a very good way to get rid of scars and you can use it to treat your skin issues too
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