Identify Your Skin Type

Identify Your Skin TypeIdentify your skin type
1. Get hold of a mirror to get started:
The greatest method to see your skin type is to buy a mirror, and then hold it to see your face closely. It is must to stand in a good lit up room that can help you locate blackheads, scaly skin, dry patches, wrinkles, pimples and whiteheads clearly. Even better, try holding a magnifying glass that would help highlight the facial details and facilitate you to get a closer look and get to know about your skin type. Most of us use ordinary mirrors, sometimes, these can change the way we actually look. There are many factors that may give us a wrong impression about our skin type. Some of these include: reflection from outside, faulty mirrors, and poorly lit up rooms.Skin Different Types
2.By using a tissue paper: 
The tissue test is most popular methods suggested by beauticians that necessitate you to test your skin type with the help of a tissue paper. You can use an normal tissue paper and hold it, tightly pressed over your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Be careful to use a fresh tissue paper and always make sure that you wash your face before applying this test. After you have left the paper pressed for a minute, take it off and look for signs like oil, dirt, and spots. In case you can place these marks and spots, it hints towards an oily skin. If there are no such signals and your paper comes out clean, you have normal to dry skin. There are times when your tissue would sport oily marks on some areas, while it may be clean on others. This would indicate that you have a combination skin.
3. Feel your skin daily:
One way to determine your skin type is to feel your skin daily at different time. In the mornings, you can start checking for oiliness, stickiness and shine before washing your face. Then, wash and record. You can check your unwanted shine or oils that may have made the area dark and sticky. It is best to continue with this routine till you are sure of your skin type. You can check your skin again when you come back from work. Signs like stain, shine, flakes and patches would help you determine your skin type. Suppose you come back home and find your face sticky with too much oil and shine, it is a sure shot sign that you have oily skin. But, in case your skin becomes flaky and patchy with white spots, chances hint more towards having a dry skin. For those that have combination type of skin should look out, both for oiliness as well as patches on their faces that seem to spread unevenly throughout the facial region. Doing this will surely help you determine your skin type.


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