Jhoota Video: Mathira Fills In What Veena Malik Left!

Mathira and Her 12-year-old ‘Jhoota’ Arbaz KhanZimbabwe born Pakistani model-turned-singer Mathira is brilliant. She knows exactly how to get everyone to talk about her. Doesn’t matter what we’re saying, we’re talking about it. Mathira is in hot water again after release of a sizzling video song with 12 year old boy  Arbaaz Khan, the youngest Pakistani rapper and scriptwriter.

The video song “Jhoota”, which is considered as one of the raunchiest you will watch this year, has recently released by Beyond Studios. This is making headline in the social network websites as well as online magazines and blogs.

After facing a lot of disaster of “Exposed Live on Television”, “Dress-Slip/Wardrobe Malfunction at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012″ and “All-Bare For May Photoshoot“, the famous VJ / RJ / Celebrity Mathira Khan is in the eye of country’s paparazzi again.

Mathira and Her 12-year-old ‘Jhoota’ Arbaz Khan2

Wearing a black low-neck dress, Mathira is looking more sexy in the video with her co-singer Arbaz Khan. She shows her legs, cleavages, lips in the video which is really being criticised and appreciated by web users on Facebook and Twitter.

Singer: Mathira
Rapper: Arbaz Khan
Song: Jhootha
Music: Sharaf Qaisar
Film By: Beyond Studios
Post: Beyond Studios
Presentation: Jibran Khan
Label: Beyond Records

Check out the Twitter Reaction:

U: Just saw the Mathira video. Someone pls call the social services & report for child abuse. Thnx.

Manhoos Billi: Mathira should be charged under “violence against children” act. disgusting.

Youmna S.: Arbaz’s and Mathira’s music video should’ve been about Mathira dropping Arbaz off at school, telling him to not take candies from strangers.

Nida Ameen: Mathira + some 12-year-old random Pakistani Arbaaz Khan + Jhoota = Child molestation?

Haadea: During my hour long divorce from Twitter, I had the misfortune of discovering latest scoop on Mathira’s indiscretions.

M Faisal Rasheed: Jux bec you wear tiny clothes & speak in desi twisted Angrezi ..that doesn’t mean you are Hot #Mathira..seriously.. #pakistan get over it

Syed Ali Raza Abidi: #Mathira over did it this time. Best would be to ignore, otherwise the song is bound to become popular worldwide!

Sarum: There’s ugly. There’s extremely ugly. There’s fifty feet of crap, and then there’s Mathira.

Mathira and Her 12-year-old ‘Jhoota’ Arbaz Khan3

This is not the first time that the infamous model and TV Host Mathira did it first time. Mathira Khan maybe impressed by her fellow Veena so that she also can enjoy such a million-dollar deal. We’ve already updated that the infamous model and TV Host Mathira is facing a huge disaster of her wardrobe malfunction.

Some of the celebrity feels some shame and her laziness on her dress slip or forgets to wear something. And some of them, don’t feel something like shame—and “Queen of Scandals” Mathira Khan is one of them.

Mathira is facing a huge disaster of her wardrobe malfunction. There is a YouTube video of “Mathira Wardrobe Malfunction” which is now circulating in the Web and there are scores of Web users who are reacting in the social network websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The photos, which are circulating in the web, show that Mathira is just wearing a Santa Claus cap and hiding her radio-channel button with a thin layer of hair only and in other she is flaunting her sexy derriere.

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