Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Girls

Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls0Karachi:Kayseria, Pakistan’s pioneering designer textile brand launched new collection of its Pret a Porter line, “Kayseria Pret” and it was well worth the wait. The new Kayseria Pret a Porter collection offers the season’s most fashionable styles, colours and cuts, truly making it a trendsetters paradise.Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls

The launch event, held at the sophisticated Euro-Modern Italian restaurant, Café Olivetto was attended by crème dela crème of the fashion industry, wearing the dazzling and fresh designs of Kayseria Prêt. After the Iftar, a fashion presentation was organized to showcase and timeless,trendy and Gypcy-chic collection of Kayseria Pret. The models lineup included Rabiya Chaudhry,Fauzia, Marvi Sarfaraz, Maham, Sehrish, Areeba, Abeer, Sadaf Kanwal, Tatmain,Farah & Sidra.The launch event was organized by Catalyst PR & Marketing.Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls1

The Prêt collection is divided into three broad lines, namely Kontemporary, Virsa and Riwayat. The first umbrella by the name of Kontemporary caters to women of all ages who desire fashion. Inspired by the op art paintings of Bridget Riley & Box Barcode elements, the Kontemporary line of Kayseria prêt uses real fluorescent & neon colors on hand printed chiffon & Cotton fabrics that are easy to wear.  Along with our own creative focus, we look at global trends for the latest cuts and Styling. This is the line for the independent, strong and confident women.Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls-1

Virsa aims at a vibrant collection for those women who want something with flair and a touch of folk tradition. It represents the rich Pakistani culture & truck art with ethno motives and a tribal beat.
Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls-13
Riwayat is Kayseria’s homage to the elaborate and rich traditions that have travelled through generations and continue to be celebrated as an epitome of elegance, grandeur and femininity. Inspired by the ancient Mughal Monuments, Kayseria prêt revives tradition with their Riwayat line. Ready to wear dusky hues, flowy fabrics, and classic prints combined with touches of intricate embroidery & embellishments are perfect for the sophisticated woman on the go.Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls-2

“We are specially committed to understanding the needs of each individual buyer and catering to them. This is why we have ventured into a range of sizes and styles that provide a larger base to choose from allowing flexibility. Kayseria New Pret Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Youngs Girls-3

The Kayseria team is sure that all our customers will find something they truly love and every piece that will go off the rack at Kayseria prêt and into your wardrobe will be an outfit that you will cherish and enjoy for a long time.” Says Waleed Zaman (Creative Director, Kayseria.)

Kayseria has taken great care to ease the experience of shopping for prêt by allowing for time saving, reliable stitching, highest quality fabric, and up-to-date trends. , In classic cuts and timeless patterns, this is the art of ‘the dress’ which transcends changing fashions.

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