Magical Oil For Beautiful Hair

Magical Oil For Beautiful HairIf you are not reading my blog for very first time then I am sure you know that I made my own products, especially ones for my hair, I not only make shampoos and conditioners with my own hands, with my own discovered things, but I make oils according to my requirements too, since I get super oily hair during summer and super dry and messy hair in winter, which means I change my whole routine after every season.

The one I am sharing with you today has been a keeper for a while now since it is very good for winter and it help me keeping my hair strong and beautiful  in summer too, I know that it is oil, but still it help me, actually I do get oily scalp during the summer with horrible  and dead looking ends and I was worrying if I am going to get split ends.

If I am going to lose the length of my hair with that continues trimming, I was looking for something that could moisturize my ends, revitalize my scalp and help my hair grow too and the result is this DIY hair oil 🙂
Things you need to make this magical oils.

Rosemary essential hair oil and you just need 8 drops of it.

Pure hemp seed oil and if you don’t know where you get it then visit body shop and they have the hemp oil and you need 5 tablespoon of it.

Olive oil 5 tablespoon. Now what you need to do is, make the mixture and leave it in sunshine for 2 days and then keep it in a spray bottle  and you need to spritz the oils on your freshly washed and cleaned hair, apply all over specially at the ends of hair while they are still a bit of moist and you will see that it will not only keep your hair smooth and healthy.

But it will actually help your dry and dull looking hair issue too by hydrating your hair and eliminate the split ends, when you done with the oiling you just need to rub your scalp for a while and then put in a braid, let the hair absorb the goodness of the oil and then you can wash it off with running water an mild shampoo.

During the winter when you feel that your hair are getting too dry and dull then you just need to worm up the oil in microwave to 15-20 seconds until lukewarm, and then massage the oil into the scalp and ends of hair, but don’t rub between your palms and then enjoy a worm wet towel all around your hair and sit for 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water and mild shampoo:)
Best of luck:)

Khalida Sherry

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