Make Your Hair Long And Shiny

Make Your Hair Long And ShinyEvery man and woman want to make their hair long, strong, silky and shinny. But most of people do not take care of it properly as well as some people use medicines to make their hair beautiful. If people spend a little time on their hair and use home made things then they see awesome results in weeks and great growth of their hair. Hair are most important part of our body and also play a role to make our personality decent and if our hair look is not good or rough then our appearance have no attraction at anywhere we go. So i will give you some tips and also tell you some different types of tricks that how can you make your hair long, silky, shiny and strong, these tips and tricks are very simple and we know everyone who live in this world run short of time because they are busy in their daily routine.Make Your Hair Long And Shiny Make Your Hair Long And Shiny1

Tips And Tricks For Long & Shiny Hair

1: Take a yolk and mix it into yogurt and then apply this paste on your hair once in a week, this type of paste make your hair dandruff free and give then shine.

2: Take three tablespoon of castor oil and take one tablespoon of glycerin and mix them properly then apply on your hair with soft hands.

3: Later than shampooing along with conditioning, wash your hair with cool water. That allows light to reflect off the hair, producing a lot of shine.

4: Eat seasonal fruits daily because fruits provide us every kind of vitamins and minerals proteins.

5: Massage your hair with any type of hair oil, to create blood circulation.

These are very simple tips and tricks and i chose only five for you because these tips and tricks not take or waste your precious time and also not disturb your daily busy routine. Just do this for a month and then people ask you about your beautiful hair that what you use or what you do with these beautiful hairs?

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