Makeup Tips For Evening Party

If you are getting ready for an evening or night party then you needs to know one thing, you cannot use the day time look for evening and you would look horrible if you use the same trick for evening party and with that line I am giving you some simple tips to get ready for you evening party.Makeup Tips For Evening Party

First thing you need to do is pick the most perfect dress for the party and for that you can chose something that has shiny detailing on it and you can pick dark color which will make you look slimmer and taller, and pick the perfect accessories cause that is something which will create your look and now we will come to the make up for the evening and you need to follow these things to get the best look.Makeup Tips For Evening Party1

First thing first, don’t use too dramatic foundation, you should use realistic shades and you need to make sure that you are blending it perfectly since evening lights will not only make your one mistake look too huge but it will make your look like a vampire too if you use too fair and dull foundation, and if you are trying to get some glamorous then you can add some shiny face powder but at the end.

Try smoky eyes as you can look as mysterious as you want with such kind of eyes and you can try colored Smokey eyes if you want to add some color on your look, but you need to make one thing pretty sure, don’t use dramatic sharp shades, stick with the natural and beautiful  smooth shades, you can try all shades of pink, red or maroon, or you can use peach too, but if you want to use blue or purple then you need to be very smart to handle these shades.

Use diamond glitter lip gloss and stick with natural colors, best of luck.

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