Makeup Tips From Mickey Contractor

Makeup Tips From Mickey ContractorMickey Contractor is a very famous and mentored of the markup Artists around the world and he is one of the leading cosmetic brand and name in the India at the moment, he has won many awards for his makeup and today we are going to give you some simple make up tricks from the master artist of make up.mickey contractor Sandalwood

Mickey contractor is one of the most favorite makeup artist of millions celebrities of Bollywood and he said no matter what kind of skin tone or skin type you have, never put any kind of make up on your face without applying the moisturizer and primer on your skin.

Scrub your face with muslin cloth to get the best base finish ever, it will actually make your skin to absorb the foundation or concealer and your skin will automatically look transparent and flawless and puff some transparent loss powder at the end to get the finest looking skin ever.

Stick with your skin tone, you can use two tones of your own skin tone and skin shade though, like you can use a lighter one on the cheeks and the a bit darker on your T-zone and always blend outward to get finest finish…
Try to avoid applying too much make up at first place, it is always better to light the shade down with sponge later because then you actually make your face a bit dull and dry and a always start your blush on from your hairline and then blend it in to get natural shade.

No matter how busy you are, always get the time to reshape your Eyebrows, if you want to look perfect and apply thick and heavy eye liner on your upper lash line, but not on the lash, instead of that apply the line on inner water line and use gel liner or a liner with silicone cause that never smudge and darker inner line make your eyes look deeper and mysterious.

Use lash curler and use it when your lashes are wet and if you have thin tip hair dryer then you can use it on your lash curler at that time too.

Best of luck.

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