Mehndi Designs 2014 For New Learners That You Can Do By Yourself

Mehndi Designs 2014 For New Learners That You Can Do By YourselfMehndi is very popular in all age group of women. Now a day’s mehndi found in various variations. Girls want to draw different designs on their hands but most of the women like to draw simple mehndi. They don’t like different design but the modern women like to draw different but beautiful designs.

So mehndi designs are well-known in girls and women of all over the world. Mehndi means henna, but it is usually used in the west as a term for the designs painted on the hands, feet and on the other parts of the body, using henna as the stain.

This makes what is sometimes called a “temporary tattoo” while by definition, a tattoo is put into the skin using needle. Mehndi are widely used throughout southern and western Asia and Africa.

Mehndi Designs 2014 For New Learners That You Can Do By Yourself2

Sometimes this is to defend the skin from the sun, sometimes for wedding, and sometimes for simple beautification. It depends on the culture and local area traditions.

There are many way for henna mehndi, but the most common use some kind of glue to hold the henna on the skin long enough to stain it, and acid to set it.

Sometimes other ingredients containing tannins or other natural dyes, such as coffee, are added to the mix to make it darker. A plain, natural henna stain is light orange- brown.

Black tea will make it a little richer brown. Freshly ground coffee will make it a little rich brown. Beet juice will make it red. Indigo will make it a bluish tint, and black walnut hulls will make it dark brown.

To make a black stain safely takes indigo and black walnut hulls. If it has anything else in it, be very wary. With any chemical, even if it’s natural, take care to do an allergy test before apply it.

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