Melon “Good for Health”

Honeydew.Melon.2God give us many things which are helpful to by directly or indirectly. There are many fruits and vegetable which give different taste, nutrient and energy. Different fruits are available in summer and many fruits are in winter, but all these fruits come according to the season.



Melon is one of those fruit which come in summer. It was discover first time in Iran and Pakistan. Actually it is a vegetable but farmer consider it as a fruit. Melon is cultivated in Pak, India, Afghanistan and Iran. It has different kind due to cultivated in different area, but its importance and nutrient value are almost same. These are specially grow along the river side and sandy area. He best quality of melon in which it has a yellow colour outside and creamy colour inside. It has a sweetest taste and it is cool by nature. There is lot of water in melon.

Advantages of Melon

Melon has a great nutrient value by nature, which give benefit to the human body. Some advantages are discus below.

• Melon’s seed and pulp are use for medical and beauty objectives.
• Melon has ability to maintain body temperature and increase blood level in summer.
• Melon’s seed are good for heart and brain its use to increase the learner skill.
• Melon’s seed are use to relief in kidney disease and high fever.
• Melon is the best breakfast in summer season. It is an important source to take nutrient, fibre, vitamins and water.
• Melon has toxins which improve digestion system. In one cup of melon there
is only 48 calories. So, those peoples who want to reduce weight, they use melon in breakfast.
• Melon has a lot of vitamins like, A, C, B6, B, Potassium and Magnesium.
• Melon uses for make a skin fresh and glow.


 Take melon always after one hour to meal.
 Do not take melon to much in your diet because it damage stomach.
 Take it as normal diet; never take huge quantity of melon because it affects
your hungry.
 Do not drink water after eat the melon.

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